Films on Paash

  • A film on Paash was made by Vibhu Puri titled Chaurus Chaand. Check this link for more details:


    Copyright date           :Not available

    Production start date  :Not available

    Production end date   :Not available

    Production countries   :India

    Notes                        : Documentary with Hindi-Punjabi dialogue.


    Documentary about an underground Punjabi poet, Avtaar Singh Sandu (Pash) who wrote for the people and against the Indira Gandhi regime and the Khalistan movement. He was assasinated by Khalistani extremists on 23rd March 1988 at the age of thirty seven.

    Top five credits

    Director         :   PURI, Vibhu

    Screenplay     :   PURI, Vibhu

    Photography  :   GOSWAMI, Anay

    Editor            :   GHATAK, Arindam

    Music            :   DHADKE, Mangesh

  • Documentary:           Paash (Based on the life story of Punjabi literary writer. (The documentary was also released in Canada). It was made by Mehboob Studios Ltd 20 Gillingham Dr, Suite 601, Brampton, On. L6X  4X7. Canada (HWY 10 and BOVAIRD) Tel :001-905-866-6633, Fax :001-905-866-6634.
  • Exploring the mechanism of caste
    Aditi Tandon Rajeev Sharma has long been behind the scenes of hit small screen soaps like Amanat and Koshish…ek aasha. As a man of theatre he has also been actively involved in staging socially relevant plays, first under his own group called Maul-e-Hashmi and then with the grand old man of Punjabi theatre, Gursharan Singh.

    It is, however, documentary making which brings out the best in Rajeev, who went out of Chandigarh in 1992 after arming himself with a degree in theatre from the Indian Theatre Department of Panjab University (PU). He was back in the city today to share with friends the latest in the series of his documentaries. Based on casteism prevalent in rural areas of Punjab, Rajeev’s new project is more of a telefilm than a documentary, insofar as it attempts to dramatise the reality a little. As the director of Kalahn (a practice which has lower caste people singing praises of their high caste masters), Rajeev makes valid points revealing the ugly face of caste wars, that still blemish the beautiful countryside of Punjab.

    The telefilm is based on the story written by Sarvmeet Singh, who has dealt with the problem very poignantly. The film has been shot in the rural locations to bring out the underlying trauma which people from lower castes are continuously subjected to. In 45 minutes, the director succeeds in introducing the sensitive subject, exploring its mechanics and drawing bold inferences.

    The story is simple — an upper caste sarpanch, who is so used to hearing his own and his family’s praises from his servant (this practice of singing praises is called Kalahn), gets enraged when the latter affectionally invites him for his birthday party. Blinded by fury, the sarpanch unleashes a blame game, charging his servant with violating the age-old norms laid down under the caste system. He wages a caste war against the poor man, who then vows to avenge his humiliation.

    It is then that the real relevance of the story “Kalahn” emerges. Reversing the trend, the servant not only lashes out at his master, but also alters the content of Kalahn, which instead of narrating the generosity and greatness of his masters now becomes an account of their infamy.

    The story is powerful, so is the portrayal. Rajeev says, “We hired professional actors to justify the theme, which will remain relevant forever. My purpose is not solved just by capturing the ugliness of a caste-ridden society on my camera. I want some reaction on the film, which I am going to show all over the rural Punjab.”

    Rajeev, who earlier worked for Surabhi as team director, has also made documentaries on Avtar Pash, a revolutionary Punjabi poet.

     He has also reported on the condition of women potters in Gujarat, besides focusing on the royal Bhavnagar family. His profile is made stronger by the fact that he has worked as group head programmer in 50 serials telecast on Zee and Sahara. “I was not satisfied with this run-of-the-mill stuff. I wanted to enter the world of media so that I could explore the pain of people and then share the same with others, who live oblivious of the hard realities of life.”

    With Kalahn, Rajeev has uncovered reality to some extent.

    (The Tribune dated 21-01-2004)




4 Responses to “Films on Paash”

  1. Another documentary on the life and works of Paash was produced by Rajiv Sharma in 1995. Its title is APNA PAASH. This film was made on VHS format so its video quality has substantially deteriorated over the time.

  2. Daljit Ami,
    Thank you for visiting my blog.

    Rajiv Sharma gave me a copy of that film on VHS.

  3. Balvir&Rajvir Says:

    That’s the hope.LONG LIVE REVOLUTION.
    Mr.Daljit Ami ji ;Thanks for all your great work!!

  4. ashwani Says:

    pash a friend of people was avery nice person

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