Paash’s poetry in Hindi

First Hindi translation of Paash’s poems was by Prof. Subhash Prihar of Kot Kapura. The book ‘Akshhar Akshar’ was published by Lok Geet Parkashan, Sirhind (1992), Punjab,India. This can be downloaded from here.






5 Responses to “Paash’s poetry in Hindi”

  1. Sohan S. sandhu Says:

    I want you to add another book first published. It was the translation of all poems of Pash in Hindi by Prof. Subhash Prihar. Also there are some more books in Hindi which I shall list later.
    You are doing a great work. Keep it up

  2. this is good.

  3. ankit kumar Says:

    Allow me for this requist. I would like to collect all peom’s of pash in hindi verson. May i got this????? I am requesting for the same.

  4. anil goswami Says:

    A chance hit made me reach u PASH…gr8 job done.

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