Paash’s poetry in Punjabi (Shahmukhi)

  Paash’s poetry has been published in Punjabi (Shahmukhi) by APNA.

  Inkar Poetry Pash Shahmukhi 104 paperback $5.00 1996

 To buy this book contact

  • Selections from Paash poetry in Punjabi (Shahmukhi)


  • Complete poetry of Paash in Punjabi (Shahmukhi) titled Pash-Sari Shairi
  • PashSari Shairi
    Complete Works by PashFrom Pash Yadgari Qaumantri Trust

    Editor: Maqsud Saqib

    Script Conversion: Khalid amin

    First Edition; August 2005

    Publisher: Suchet Kitab Ghar, 11 Sharf Mansion, Chauk Gangaram, Lahore

    Price: Rs230



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