Paash’s poetry in other languages


Telugu and Gujrati translations of Paash’s poetry were published in book form. Many further translations in Marathi,Malayalam,Urdu, Bengali,Nepalese languages have been published in various parts of the country.

Gujarati translation was done from Chaman Lal ‘s Hindi translation titled Vartmaan Ke Roo-Broo.


8 Responses to “Paash’s poetry in other languages”

  1. manmeet rawat Says:


  2. Manmeet ! thanks for visiting the blog.could you please be a bit more specific about your comment.

  3. Sohan Singh Sandhu Says:

    Dear Bhushan:
    You are doing great. I am mighty impressed.
    Pash in Gujrati: It is the translation of ‘Vartman ke Roo-Broo in Hindi’ Chaman Lal.
    Sohan Sandhu

  4. dr. shridhar pawar Says:

    dr. chamanlal’s translation of pash’s poems in hindi was great task which has made many non punjabi to know pash. one anthology of pash poems in marathi is already published. Pash poems is well received in marathi.

  5. Shridhar Pawar ji !

    Thank you very much for visiting my blog. It will be really very helpful if you can send me some more information about the title of the book in Marathi and the publisher and price etc.

  6. pash ki kavitay jagruktta ke beej boygi vicharon ki banjar jamin me. me aabhari hun dr. chamanlal ka ki unhone ye mahan pryaas kiya ..

  7. bhoshan bhatt Says:

    pash padho mat,padhao

  8. rajeev kumar Says:

    Dear Brother
    Pashs audoi cd is produced by me and my friends from mullanpur not by peoples voice pl make the correction

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