Paash’s poetry comes alive

Pathos speaks aloud at drama festival
Ravi Shankar
(as reported in Indian Express of January 18.01.2005):
A four-day drama festival organised by Pracheen Kala Kendra at Tagore Theatre was kicked off today.

A stage performance by slum children was followed by ‘Dehakde Angarey’—a drama on the poetry of Pash, the great revolutionary poet of seventies.

Suggesting the idea that life is neither a speculation into the fictional infinite nor a playful flirtation with reality, the presentation depicted the agonies of Pash when he was imprisoned in Amritsar in 1971.

The auditorium was charged with revolutionary spirit with some powerful performances by Mohinder Mohan, Bikram and Sukhwinder, while music by John and Gaurav Sharma was a treat.

The second presentation was ‘Kamian Da Vehra’, a play written by Gursharan Singh. The plot was knitted around exploitation of landless farmars by landlords.

The audiences were disappointed towards the end of the evening as the third play ‘Saver di Lo’ was not staged for reasons unknown.



One Response to “Paash’s poetry comes alive”

  1. I love poetry of Paash. He is such a great poet.

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