Sone Di Swer – Paash’s songs

People’s Voice produced a collection of Paash’s poetry in 2002 titled SONE DI SWER sung by various singers.

It includes 7 songs :

1. Ambran te- by Ravi Nandan
2. Kaun Daye Dharwas-Ravi Nandan
3. Sone Di Swer-Lok Sangit Mandli Bhadaur
4. Balle Balle-Ravi Nandan,Jaswinder,Rajesh, Ranjit Sehmbhi
5. Ambran Te-Jaswinder
6. Kirti Diye Kuliye-Shingara Singh Chahal
7. Dehkade Angiaran Te-Lok Sangit Mandli Bhadaur
All of these songs  can be downloaded and used strictly for non-comercial purposes from the link on youtube at

Also, Paash’s poetry recitation at the Martyrs Day Memorial Function organised by Indian Workers Association at Summerfield Community Centre in Smethwick, England on 05-04-1987  is available at the above  link. This was the function where Paash for the first time recited his last poem SAB TON KHATARNAAK HUNDA HAI.


18 Responses to “Sone Di Swer – Paash’s songs”

  1. Dear Bhushan,
    We can also upload Apna paash and Yudh te shanti other productions of people’s voice

  2. Dear Kulwinder,

    Thanks for support, I’d love to post the links to thsoe productions on this blog. Can you leave the links in comments here or email Bhushan.


  3. kulwinder Says:

    Copies of Apna Pash and Yudh te Shanti are alrady available with bhushan

  4. i could not dowload the songs. I would be very thankful if someone can help me regarding this.

  5. Vikas ! I will try to sort it out as soon as possible.

  6. sure, a lot sir. i am still waiting?

  7. Thanks for the marvelous website. Links, though, are not working. Also a general query – what is the meaning of word “Paash” ?

    Thanks again lads/ladies, keep the good work up.

  8. Check out the link for the entire album. For the pen-name “Paash”, in Urdu it means a broken piece, a shard, or in Hindi/Punjabi it means grip or clasp.

  9. hi dear it nice to enter the new world of paash

  10. Can you please upload
    We can also upload, Ghaans – Mai Ghaans hoo, mai aapke har kiye dhare per ug aaunga….. A revolutionary poem by Pash.

  11. rajeev kumar Says:

    Dear Friends
    Pl note sone di swer and Apna pash are produced by me and my friends from mullanpur not by peoples voice.Bhushan pl make the correction

    • kulwinder Says:

      Rajiv is correct in saying. The album Ambran te was produced by them which and the same was relaunched by the people’s voice in new form under title ‘Sone de swer’ with the knowledge and consent of Rajiv. Of, course in order to expand the duration, Rajiv had used the songs listed at S.No.3, 6 and 7 which were sung by the various persons/ groups years ago and were popular among progressive circles.
      Similarly, Rajiv was also responsible for preserving some valuable material in documentary ‘Apna Paash’. This was also distributed by the people’s voice. No where it was claimed that it was produced by the people’s voice.

  12. passh bare vibhu puri(choras chand) te rajeev(apana passh) de interview te padoo

  13. We have traced title of CD of poetry reictal by Paash released by us under the title Yudh te Shanti and copy will be sent for posting

  14. Hi, the album is no longer there, the links are not working, could it be reuploaded, possibly in mediafire.

  15. thnaks . veero doing wonderfull job

  16. ASHOK PURI Says:

    iam artist,it is good, not enough,
    calana gee sathi,jadon take akree sahn bakki he,

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