Paash Vaangun-a poem by Dr C S Chan Sandhu Coventry



pfsL vFgUM



sLfier aqy mujfihd, isr-lWQ pfsL vFgMU .

PYlo,  jy  PYlxf  hY,  nIly   afkfsL  vFgUM .


rMgF dy pRyq sq ky, KUhy ‘c  CflL  mfrI .

klbUq qr irhf hY, zflr dI lfsL vFgMU.


ivrsy nUM kfiv ivWcoN, bnvfs iml igaf hY,

jo  afidvfsIaF  dy  hY  srvnfsL    vFgUM .


lokF dI, lok-ihWq dI gWl Es nUM hY soNhdI,

jIvn ibqf irhf jo, ieWk hWk-sLnfs vFgUM .


jMqf dIaF jVHF qF pfqflL qIk puWjIaF,

hWQ eIspfq dy ny, sIny  kYlfsL  vFgUM .


cMnx  df  kfT  kI  hY,   Puko   qy  inWG  mfxo,

GV lE cWtfn cMn dI, ieWk buWq-qrfsL vFgMU.



zf  c  s  cMn  sMDU  kvYNtrI

* (ilKx kfl : 1970ivaF dy mWD ivWc)



4 Responses to “Paash Vaangun-a poem by Dr C S Chan Sandhu Coventry”

  1. anmolia chan Says:

    Can I get a copy of this poem written in roman punjabi or punjabi?
    Dr C S Chan was my father and My mother and I would love the to see the words

    • I took this poem from the collection of poems written in memory of Paash titled Paash Tan Sooraj Si. I can write it in Roman script for you.

  2. anmolia chan Says:

    thank you
    I would appreciate that very much

    Anmolia Chan

  3. vireshsharda Says:

    hi anmolia,was interested in dr. sandhus work,
    can i email you…

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