Kavita Yatra by Shadow Group

(Shadow group is trying to establish the kind of art, which is unique in itself. SHADOW group is established in 2001. Since last six years shadow is working in techniques of mime in M.P. The main motto of the group is to bring back the gradually waning art in its originality not only in M.P but also in other parts of India. SHADOW is also engaged in helping the mentally retarded, deaf and dump children. For them they arrange workshops. With this view they are presenting mime in a very new form. They present the mime based on the stories of writers like Chiomihara”, “Sadat Hasan Manto”. )
Kavita Yatra:   Kavityatra is a comprise of poems of great poets of India like Vishnu Khare, Paash, Devtale, Agaye Etc. It reflects different moods like human sentimentality, patriotism, human frustration Etc. It is directed by Manoj Nair Concept by Shri Santosh Choubey and the music is copmposed by Santosh Kaushik and arranged by Umesh Tarkaswar. First it was staged at Bharat Bhavan Bhopal and then it got selected for Indore National Festival .

2 Responses to “Kavita Yatra by Shadow Group”

  1. shruti Dharmesh Says:

    This is purely a reminder that as the music arranger’s name given here …..the music arrangement was not done by any individual but by Umesh-Dharmesh as they were then working together as music directors…..i would like n appreciate if Dharmesh’s name is added here.thanks

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