Mrinal Pandey quotes Paash

Exceprt’s from Mirnal Pandey’s article “Kaun Banega Liberal”.

It is Afghanistan’s contorted fate to have become the latest field for Buzkashi. For a century atleast, outside international powers have created a new scene and a new order here every few years. Today there is no continuity of any kind there, and the future no longer grows organically out of a shared past. First it was Shah, then Najib then Taliban. And now again it is Shah. What was considered important till a few years ago, is either being attacked today or has lost its significance. Nothing that is happening adds up. Nor is it possible that a sound workable coalition be shaped up with a little effort and conviction. What seems to have endured, is irrational beliefs and racial myths.

The late Punjabi poet `Pash’, who was killed by militants, wrote towards the end of his young life, there are many kinds of deaths one dies, but the worst among them is the death of one’s dreams and hopes. Real barbarism follows soon, and a point comes when no one can stand up and say what he or the others are doing is barbaric, and must be halted. That is Afghanistan today.


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