Nirupama Dutt Main Bahut Udas Hoon

Gorakhpur Film Festival 2006

An interview with Parnab Mukherjee from ‘Best of Calcutta Campus’ theatre group, who presented an experimental theatre- video titled ‘Nirupama Dutt main bahut udas hoon’ on the inaugural day of 1st day of Gorakhpur film festival.
Question– Parnab, it was a scintillating performance where two of you used video footages such as those showing manipur women’s naked demo protesting Thangalam Manorama’s rape and murder by the armed forces, both of you moved at different corners of the theatre, simultaneously delivering different dialogues including some beautiful tracts of Poetry from Muktibodh, kumar Vikal, Tagore, Paash and Gorakh Pandey? Tell us more about your craft?
Answer– Traditional theatre is dependent on western notion of prosenium. Our endeavour which is based on a further liberated form called third theatre explores the spaces to a greater detail. To us ‘space’ is very important in theatre. The history of the space, the nature of the space, the acoustics of the space, all this is incorporated in the performance. As a result,’ space’ is no more a raised platform or a chauraha, it is an arena of dialectic and polemics..

full interview is at



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