Main Gha Haan

Sangeeta does justice to Paash

CHANDIGARH — The verses of Punjabi poet Paash have seldom failed to stir emotions of his readers. Even when performed on stage, his compositions certainly have the quality to arouse these. This was what the audience experienced today during the Punjabi play ‘Main Gha Haan’ staged at Tagore Theatre.

The one-character play, directed by Dr Atamjeet Singh, was presented by the Roopak Kala Manch in the memory of young theatre artiste Rajiv Firani. He was a product of Punjabi University Patiala who had worked with the likes of Kewal Dhaliwal, Shekhar Vaishnavi, Balraj Pandit and Dr Atamjeet.

Based on the poems and compositions of Paash, ‘Main Gha Haan’, was about fighting the evils of the social and political systems. The unvarnished candidness of Paash’s poetry was highlighted by an energetic performance by Sangeeta Mehta, who is known for her work with slum children.

Everything that the lovers of the poetry of Paash would imagine the poet be, was brought out well by Sangeeta, whether it was his passion, isolation or whimsical enthusiasm about life. The way letters and poems were penned by Paash, popular verses “Asi Ladangey Saathi” and “Chidian Da Chamba Ud Ke Kitey Nahi Jayaga”, were interwoven between various scenes by script writer Rana Ranbir. He did not let the fast-paced tenor slack at any place.

The set, which included four Nek Chand-like dolls made by Ranjit Singh, was interesting and helped Sangeeta in keeping the interest of the audience alive while delivering her monologue. With dialogues like “I am what I was made out to be by the system” and “I am a dog who wags his tail”, the play was an interesting experience.

Loveleen Kaur’s production and Dr Atamjeet’s directorial venture, needs to be commended for starting on time, but it did not have many takers. The light drizzle in the city seemed to have taken its toll on the play.

( The Tribune 13-05-1999 )


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