Udaas Pehar Ki Shan Shan

Paash’s poetry comes alive


‘Udaas Pehar Ki Shan Shan’ a solo performance based on revolutionary poet Paash’s poetry was today presented at the Theatre and Television Department of Punjabi University. Staged at the department’s intimate auditorium, the solo was performed by Kulwant Sidhu, a second-year student at the Department of Theatre here and directed by Mr Ranvir Rana, a technical assistant in the same department. The thematic fibre of the play depicted the contemporary socio-political conditions and their consequent impact on the conscience of an individual, his frustrations and disgust for a system which seems to cater and exist only for the elite.

Giving the message through Paash’s poetry and attempting to bring alive the thoughts of poet, the whole fabric of the play, not only commented on the common man’s plight but also focussed on the essential question of existence of an individual in face of an atmosphere of insecurity, confusion, political opportunism, religious fundamentalism and corruption. Although written decades ago, the poems managed to correlate the poet’s times with the present.

Kulwant Sidhu’s sensitive portrayal of a poet desperately seeking answers from a relatively passive common man and realistic acting made the one-hour performance a treat for the audience.

Intelligent direction by Mr Rana made sure that the performance did not turn out to be a monotonous poetry recital session but a spellbinding performance treating the audience not only with some of Paash’s best poetry but also an interesting script with delicately-handled verse and fractured prose.

Sans costumes, music and any set, ‘Udaas Pehar ki Shan Shan’ proved that a powerful script accompanied with good acting and sensitive handling of the theme could do wonders to an almost nil-budget production. 

(The Tribune, 25-05-2002 )


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