Harish Malhotra’s book-Rishtian Da Katal


Harish Malhotra can be contacted on (0044) 7763 013 424 or by email at harish.mehra@birmingham.gov.uk

Click here to download Harish Malhotra’s book “Rishtian Da Katal”. Copy can be used ONLY for personal use. Copyright author.

Harish Malhotra  in his own words:

I have written and self-published following books.

Racism in Education –

This  book focuses upon evidence of widespread  institutionalised racism in the contemporary society of Britain, particularly in Housing, Employment and Education. Educational policies are born in a political framework. There have been a wave of privatisation to satisfy the notion of `free market`. This massive restructuring  for control cannot be divorced from the policies of Key areas including education.Free market is  favourable to those who are better positions in terms of class to take opportunities available. The fact that the majority of Asian people are positioned in the working class strata of society makes the notion of `free market` inherently racist. It is in this context, that  the permanent exclusion of Asian Pupils  from Secondary Schools in Birmingham have been examined. This pioneer study explores the experiences of a group of permanently excluded pupils and details different aspects of  racial discrimination within the British Education System.The impact of various legislation and their implications is critically examined . The view point of permanently excluded pupils , their parents, Education Social Workers and Headteachers has been highlighted.Recommendations for LEAs policies are put forward. This book is a useful resource for Academics, LEAs, Educationalists, Headteachers, Teachers, Parents, Pupils, Socialworkers, Solicitors, The Police Force and Race Relations Professionals.

Dreamland –

This  vibrant book is an account of the journey of an illlegal immigrant . It takes you into your spell from the opening line and you will not want to put it down until you have finished  sharing every anxiety , tension and suspension between hope and despair of these unfortunate seekers of better life at all costs.The detailed description of people , places and events will transport you in the middle of  all the wheeling and dealing by passport traders. They enter the land of  “Hope and Glory”, unaware of the racism, the poverty in which many of their relatives are trapped and their own categorisation as an underclass for the rest of their lives. It becomes a vicious circle as the relatives probe into their finances and want payment for being “kind” and  in giving refuge to an illegal immigrant. Every time one feels that perhaps their problems are over now, some official or some relative pounces on them like a vulture, tearing away any remaining dignity and self-respect to shreds. A phobic fear of the uniform is created in the mind of the illegal immigrant, for anyone in a uniform could be a reprsentative of the State.

Racism in Britain –

 This book is a collection of Essays on different Dpartments for example Social Services, National Health Services, Police Force, Education and Political System, exploring how racism operate in this country.Some Essays examine the Teminology e.g.Race, various forms of Racisms and its operation, and the origin of it.

 Jahli Duniya – 

This book is  in punajbi and Dreamland(above) is a translation of this . This book was awarded with first prize by East Midlands Arts Council and is being used for a degree course in the universities in Punjab India.

Vakhri Nasal –

Another one  in Punjabi and is currently used for A Level Punjabi in Britain. It has a collection of true case stories with my comments on the issue of cultural values and how teenage girls have been abused by a number of  asian Gangs in this Country. When these cases are reffered to Social Services what sort of dfficulties are encountered and how Parents and victims suffer.I have commented on hypocracy on the issue of Equality for Women, respect for Elders and some of the values of the marriage.

Masle Parvas De –

This book in panjabi has a collection of short essays exposing the plight of thosev girls who come from India for marriage and how they are abused by their husbands and Inlaws. They are slaved in their own homes and are not allowed to communicate with their parents and relative if they have ones in this Country. They also suffer domestic Violence which in many cases end up in mental health cases. Immigration laws did not help them and some times the poor victims are deported.

Naitikta ate Tarkshilta –

This book in Panjabi has a collection of Articles promoting rationality in behaviour and thinking and challenging some traditiond and customs which promote inequality in relation to Women, Disabled People, Caste System and people with sexual Orientation.I have also discussed he changing nature of Morals and Ethics as well in some Articles.

Gori Dharti Mere Lok –

This book has a collection of true stories how some  Indian Panjabis came to this coumntry using different ways and means. Some of them came as husbands to their own sisters and other marriage forbidden relations. They completely ignored the cultural and religious values to enter in this country and to then get permanent residence. This is a unique book like Dreamland, Vakhri Nasal and Rishtiya da Katal.  To my knowledge, no writer has dared to write on these issues.

Bartanvi ate bharti Samaj –

In this panjabi Book, I have written a  number of Essays comapring the
value system, traditions and way of living of Asians and English People.

Dharam Ke naam par Dringee –

This book is in Hindi. Again it has a collection of articles which expose the abuse of young girls bt some Gurus and Tantrics and bring out the inequalities which prevails in religious practices.

Rishtiya da Katal –

This book is a collection of true case studies. Some of them were incest cases which exposes the cultural values of the Asian Culture where they claim that  these abuse do not happen in their communities. I have written these cases crying and have given voice the poor victims particularly to teenage young girls. Again have challenged the inequalitities in the society and how young girls are pressurised not to take their (perpetrators) relatives and dad to court.

Click here to download Harish Malhotra’s book “Rishtian Da Katal”. Copy can be used ONLY for personal use. Copyright author.


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