Surinder Dhanjal hospitalised




Famous Punjabi progressive poet and Convenor of Paash Memorial International Trust had a massive heart attack on Wednesday 18th March 2009. He has been admitted to a hospital in Patiala, Punjab.

Dhanjal  is a well-known Punjabi poet who is also an assistant professor in Department of Computing Science, Thompson Rivers University, Kamloops, BC, Canada.


Dhanjal says, ‘‘Even after the Naxalite movement is long over, the pain of the people, that sharpness remains an inherent part of my works, thanks to these inspirations.’’


Dhanjal  migrated to Canada in 1972.

Dhanjal has to his credit four books of poetry — Surjaan de Safar, Tin Kon, Zakhman Dee Fasal and Paash Dee Yaad Vich Das Kavitavan. ‘‘If I have to explain my work then I can say that it revolves primarily around four pillars — revolutionary sensibility, scientific sensibility which I get from being an engineer, modern sensibility and the immigrant sensibility.’’

Dhanjal left India in 1972 after completing his electric engineering from Guru Nanak Dev Engineering College. On reaching Canada, he took to computers and is now teaching them apart from researching on them. He is currently touring Punjab in connection with his doctorate in Punjabi poetry which he is doing under the guidance of GNDU Vice-Chancellor Dr S.P. Singh.

Despite having left his village, Chai Bahika in Sangrur district, in the early seventies, ‘‘I am still in touch with the realities of my home ground for I have tried to remain in touch with it. His collection of poems, Zakhaman Daa Safar is based on the pain that Punjab had to undergo during terrorism. So he talks of the pain of his people. The context may have changed but the pain remains.



3 Responses to “Surinder Dhanjal hospitalised”

  1. Rajvir&Balvir Says:


  2. nazarsinghboparai Says:

    bhai is ok now, it is too much satisfaction for me.
    -Nazar Singh Boparai

  3. Guri Sidhu Says:

    Plz koi surinder dhanjal ji da email address de sakda??? Main ohna de pind chak bhaika to han…

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