Baba Bhagat Singh Bilga Memorial Meeting in Birmingham on 30th May 2009

 bhagat singh bilga

In Memory of Baba Bhagat Singh Bilga

Date   :   Saturday 30th May 2009

Venue: Holyhead Community Leisure  Centre

             Holyhead School,Holyhead Road, Handsworth, Birmingham (UK) B21 0HN

 Time   : 4pm to 6pm



Dear Sisters and Brothers,


With deep sadness you are informed that Baba Bhagat Singh Bilga ji has passed away on 22nd May 2009. He was staying with his family in the UK. He was the last surviving member of Gadar Party. Born on 2nd April 1907, he dedicated his whole life to India’s freedom struggle and progressive movements in post independence India. He was one of the most revered revolutionaries. Baba Bilga ji has left an indelible mark in the annals of Indian history through his rich legacy of ideals of patriotism and self sacrifices.


He will be remembered with great respect in the history of India. To remember him, you are requested to arrive on time to pay your condolences.


For any further info please contact Mr Bhushan on 0121 551 4679 or




Requested By


Indian Workers Association Great Britain

Shaheed Udham Singh Welfare Trust (Birmingham)

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