Paash translations in Hindi-clarification

Prof Chaman Lal has been instrumental in translating Paash poetry and his other writings in Hindi thereby making it available to a wider Hindi reading public in India and abroad and generating huge interest in Paash.

Regarding Paash translations in Hindi , Prof Chaman Lal has sent the following information:

Dear Bhushan,
   Yesterday I spent sometime going through blog on pash.It has very rich material.I just wished to clarify one thing, which you have mentioned in context of Akshar Akshar by Subhash parihar, that it is first translation of pash.This is not true.First Hindi translations of pash were published in Pehal in year 1973, also in Muhim from Gorakhpur during that very period. My translation of toofan.. etc. were published in 1979 in Hiraval/Asri Adab(Urdu) or so. After 23rd March, 1988, my translation of 25 poems alongwith my article were published in Pehl in July 1988 itself and Beech ka Rasta came by 23rd March 1989,Samay o Bhia Samay came in 1993, making it complete in two volumes.akshar akshar appeared much later than these editions.Hum ladenge saath, a selection translated by parihar in Hindi did come around 1990 or so.
            Marathi translation came out in 2008 from my collections with credit.its title is -Paash Chya Nivadak kavita(Selected poetry of Paash)Collection of Prose and critical essays on paash has been published as ‘Vartman ke rubru’ in 2000.i will try to put all these titles on my blog sometime,from where you can take these to pash blog.I am also attaching my latest publication list.

Chaman Lal

Professor & Chairperson, Centre of Indian Languages(SLL&CS), Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi-110067  (India)

  Mobile No. -0091-9868774820 



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