Bollywood film on Paash

Poetic licence
Anurag Kashyap is making a film on the life of the revolutionary poet, Pash, with Irrfan Khan playing the man who challenged the establishment

Irrfan Khan Anurag Kashyap

Unknown to anyone, Anurag Kashyap has been travelling all over Punjab in the past few months, gathering information on the revolutionary poet, fondly called Pash. It looks like his plans of making a biopic on Guru Dutt are on the back-burner as his work on Pash, whose real name was Avtar Singh Sandhu, is occupying all his time and            interest.

Pash is to Punjabi literature what Pablo Neruda was to Chile, a direct, deep voice of dissent which threatened the establishment so much that they packed the poet off to jail on false charges. Pash died at the age of 38 under mysterious circumstances and Anurag has spent the last months piecing together the mysterious life of the revolutionary poet, whose lines form a huge part of Punjab’s rich cultural heritage.

To play the poet in a film adaptation of his life, produced by UTV, Anurag has zeroed in on Irrfan Khan. The actor too, has been busy preparing studiously for what might just be his most challenging role till date.

Our source said, “Irrfan is reading up on Pash, his poetry and life. He’s also learning Punjabi and is taking singing lessons so that he can recite Pash’s poems well in his own voice.”

While people close to the film remained tightlipped, Anurag sent us a cryptic message that said, ‘I finished shooting it.’ He refused to elaborate further. Our sources, however, insist that Anurag is yet to even begin the shoot. The producers are being extra cautious about the film because Pash continues to be a controversial figure in Punjab even today.

“Anyone can try to stop the project,” said a source. Siddharth Roy Kapoor of UTV said, “The film is still in development stage.”


6 Responses to “Bollywood film on Paash”

  1. amninder singh Says:

    i realy appreaciate to Anurag kashyap for making film on punjabi poet paash. thank you kashyap jiiiiiiiii

  2. rupinder Says:

    हम लड़ेंगे साथी, उदास मौसम के लिए
    हम लड़ेंगे साथी, गुलाम इच्छाओं के लिए
    हम चुनेंगे साथी, जिंदगी के टुकड़े
    हथौड़ा अब भी चलता है
    उदास निहाई पर हल की लीकें
    अब भी बनती हैं, चीखती धरती पर
    यह काम हमारा नहीं बनता, सवाल नाचता है
    सवाल के कंधों पर चढ़ कर
    हम लड़ेंगे साथी.

    कत्ल हुए जज्बात की कसम खाकर
    बुझी हुई नजरों की कसम खाकर
    हाथों पर पड़ी गांठों की कसम खाकर
    हम लड़ेंगे साथी
    thank you for making this film.
    mera paash sada paash

  3. balwinder khaira Says:

    i have no words to thank anuraag ! we can not repay paash for his tremendous contribution but this movie will educate our new generation about our own che guevara !!! inqlab zindabad!!

  4. By making this film, Anurag will be doing a great favor to the new generation, connecting it to the real poetry that has been ignored by the mainstream media.

  5. Thankkkkk you anurag kashyap….this willl b the best movie ever….paash ta suraj c…

  6. jaswinder singh Says:

    I can continuously watch the movie on paash for rest of my life.

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