Paash-An Anthology-English translation by Hari Singh Mohi

Paash-An Anthology release ceremony



2 Responses to “Paash-An Anthology-English translation by Hari Singh Mohi”

  1. Balwant Garg Says:

    Mohi Sahib, thanks a lot for yours contribution to the ideas and messages of a leading poets of the Jujharu (rebel) era of Punjabi poetry.
    Translation of Paash’s poetry by a person having high proficiency in source language and in target language, thus there was no risk of any spilling-over and so did I feel when reading “Paash An Anthology”. The translation nowhere lacks in expression of concept and thought of a Jujharu poet. The words in translation are literally graceful as these are in the compass of Paash’s words.
    Thanks once again for a message for many who are “not filled with dead peace” and “have not killed their dreams”. I pray that someone like you would bring a similar collection of Sant Ram Udasi’s work .

  2. Hari Singh Mohi Says:

    Hearty thanks Balwant ji !
    I shall study the possibilities n dimentions of the project suggested by you.
    Time n health permitting-I will try to undertake this momentous mission.

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