Paash poetry on T-shirts

Either Or, Pune

Based in Pune, pan-national in their appeal and impact, Either Or’s T-shirt designs spoke to their fan base because there was something genuinely organic about them, a sense that their tees weren’t merely created by superimposing a local motif on an anonymous garment. “The Either Or T-shirt is like the idea of India. It’s always in the making. Often, one mixes common motifs – a car with sheep, or mango leaves and footprints.”

One of their most popular tees is a screen-printed one that reads, ‘Sadak chaap – no gaddi, no bangla, no maal, just dil bemisaal’. One of their most inspired moves has been the use of poetry that is known and loved by even the prosiest souls in India – like tweaking Faiz’s immortal line to read Aur bhi khushi hai zamaane mein mohabbat ke siwa (There are joys in the world other than love).

Owner Ritika Tickoo’s own favourite is a shirt that quotes the Punjabi poet Paash: Sabse khatarnak hota hai sapnon ka mar jaana (The death of dreams is the greatest danger).


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