Paash-My Son-an article by Paash’s father Major Sohan Singh Sandhu

Paash’s father Major Sohan Singh Sandhu’s article on Khalistani terrorists who killed Paash.


2 Responses to “Paash-My Son-an article by Paash’s father Major Sohan Singh Sandhu”

  1. You As a reader ,,,,,,Must Have Come across….. a Lot Of People in your life,,,,,, But when a writer Chaman Lal-Ji- insists that I must Go and meet a person that i knew Nothing about and travel 100 KM or so By train and Meet him in DEN HAAG * Nederland!!!! i was willing To do so as Ordered ,,,,, Wanted to Keep it as a surprise, But the Immediate Hurdle was how to reach i had to call looking for advice from the family that he was going to stay with and keep it a Hush Hush Affair,,,,,and a soft voice called me back in theet (Typical) Punjabi/Canadian/accent,,,, Would you be kind enough to come on a *SUNDAY* as if HEER WAS WAITING for a Ranjha, Or the story of Mirza Sahebaan was Going to be Told, to me such was My Enthusiasm to meet this Legend of a Legendary,Father/and his FOLK HERO SON,,,,, SON Of The Soil,,_PASH_, By that time I Only Knew that Mr Chaman Lal Painstakingly has translated writings of Pash,,,,,but thats all, I was so engrossed in Bhagat Singh Shaheed that I never paid any Attention to any Other writer from Punjab at all,,,but things were about to be CHANGED,,,,,

    Now there was a Tussle, how to separate two writers from each other father and son,Legendary LIKHARIS (writers),, on his/Own,,,, In his Own,,TERMS,, right,,,,such was the Speech quality in his soft spoken VOICE on the telephone, that i had experienced a Lot of Time to Think about,,,,,as if carefully Choreographed,WORDS,,,, that may have an ocean,,,, in the Cup of understanding,,,, without spilling it over,,in Un necessary Comments,,,in passing Phases ok u are meeting me i will show u what depth in a Culture is summarized in a few words, I will pass it on like a stream into a river and endless waves will touch you,Guiding your sails in the vastness of Ocean of Knowledge,, just be there Don’t Be late,,,,,,,,there went my Surprise,!!! what should I bring,??? with Me,,,as this was not a surprise any More,,,,and the Voice said U have to be here on a Sunday as Mr *Bharat Bhushan Bhoshen* from ENGLAND Is Coming, ALSO un Known at that Time to me, TODAY i am Gathering Memories to Honor Three names, Major Sohan Singh Sandhu,Chaman Lal Ji and Bharat Bhushan -How can you Miss Him, I should not Miss him as he is well ALIVE in the heaps of memories that he left Behind,,,,,,He was also Alive and will stay alive in the Writings of *Pash* who became *Ammer* ever lasting , by not agreeing to cold blooded activities of the PUNJAB and give a bad name to Comrades who were sacrificing but not getting the due credit for language rights as well as Social order that Needed, help, in the eighties,,,,WHILE saying This, I light a candle,,,*REST IN PEACE*–Aameen sum Ammen–

  2. A nice sojourn. To discover the legends that are veiled in some extraordinary personality, uncultivated or overlooked, is extremely joyous. No formal words more, these jewels are less in number, but they are still there. On losing one of them, whom I may not agree personally, I feel sad, as if a fall of a star in the sky of thought…..By/Sabyasachi Chatterjee

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