Paash T-Shirt-Sabse Khatarnak Hota Hai


4 Responses to “Paash T-Shirt-Sabse Khatarnak Hota Hai”

  1. i can’t believe I am seeing this. i bought this t-shirt about 10 years ago in cp, new delhi – inspired by the poem…

    a beautiful reminder 🙂 would you have the original (punjabi/hindi) version of the poem – the books mentioned here are all english translation of that poem – and are surely not the same thing.

    • Hi Harinder, Thanks for the comment. The complete poem in Punjabi is under the link-Paash in Punjabi (Gurmukhi) – then click on Paash-Khilare Hoye Warke and click on pages 253-253

      Its in Paash in Hindi link as well.

  2. harsh vardhan Says:

    how to buy t -shits of pash poems written on it??

  3. akhilesh sharma Says:

    i think that Paash was dead in 1988.
    then who are you

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