Baru Satwarg’s article about Rajinder Singh Rahi

Baru Satwarg’s critique of Rajinder Singh Rahi’s books on Paash and  Jaswant Singh Kanwal and his   views on Sant Ram Udasi.

The complete article can be read and downloaded at the following link :

Baru Satwarg-Rajinder Singh Rahi bare


One Response to “Baru Satwarg’s article about Rajinder Singh Rahi”

  1. manohar singh jalalpuri Says:

    I do not know rahi much,just recently read his essay on Lala Lajpat Rai
    ,His book about Jaswant Singh Kanwal and cheapest and lowest argument
    with Dr prem Singh,an aged respected gentleman.
    Before this i was little upset about idiots who write article and books which makes no sense.This person seems to be sick who deserves pitty and hospitalisation.With lala’s essay he warranted a great debate ,but I am sure his(Rahi) own words Hassiye ke royeeye was the reaction of all readers.Jaswant’s novel were very interesting to general reader but all of his books gave a negative message for society and youth.Jaswant himself never
    gave out any thing positive to the country rather all of his life cheated his own wife.Congratulations Rahi” he may be an honour for you and your family” not of our Punjab and our society.For God’s sake Rahi Ji please give up writing and just read guru Nanak Dev Ji’s Baani. and try to practice it,it will certainly help you on long run,you will not look for cheap shortcuts to gain cheap popularity.
    Manohar….please note i’m not a thinker phillospher or writer but yes I can read phillosaphy well and understand it.Have mercy on Punjab

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