From Sandhu’s quill, a book on Paash- Ek Paash Eh Vi

From Sandhu’s quill, a book on Paash

Naveen Kalia, TNN Dec 15, 2011

LUDHIANA: Renowned Punjabi literary personality, Shamsher Singh Sandhu is ready with another book, this time on Punjabi poet Avtar Singh Sandhu, popularly known as Paash.

Titled ‘Ek Paash Eh Vi’, the book is about the memories that the author has of the poet, having spent a good deal of time with him. Sandhu said people read Paash but very few know about him and his life.

He said he was a student at Khalsa College, Ludhiana, and during college days, they used to organize literary programmes and invite Paash. It was from there that their friendship began. Sandhu said after the death of Paash, people were curious to know about him, his life and his personality. He said his friends were keen to know about the poet and suggested him to write a book on Paash. That’s how he started writing the book, which will be released soon. This is Sandhu’s fourth book, his previous writings include a book “Lok Suran” in which he wrote about a Punjabi singer and “Sur Dariyaon Par de” about a renowned Pakistani music artist.

Belonging to Madarpura in Ludhiana but settled in Chandigarh, Sandhu’s contribution to Punjabi music industry is very vast, as he has written lyrics of around 450 Punjabi songs. Sandhu said most of the people know him for his contribution to Punjabi music industry. The songs written by him were sung by renowned Punjabi singer Surjit Bindrakhia, Hans Raj Hans, Sardool Sikandar, Satwinder Bitti, Jagmohan Kaur and Gurdas Mann, among others.

Sandhu said one of the Punjabi films, Kacheri, that had his lyrics received a national award. Now he is working on the music album of budding Punjabi singer, Geetaj Bindrakhia, son of Surjeet Bindrakhia.

On the present trends in Punjabi music industry, Sandhu said now a days, duet, western Punjabi music and folk music are in demand as they cater to the fans around the globe. Even Bollywood movies have a touch of Punjabi music now.

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