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Sone Di Swer – Paash’s songs

Posted in Paash-Listen to Paash, Paash-songs on August 21, 2008 by paash

People’s Voice produced a collection of Paash’s poetry in 2002 titled SONE DI SWER sung by various singers.

It includes 7 songs :

1. Ambran te- by Ravi Nandan
2. Kaun Daye Dharwas-Ravi Nandan
3. Sone Di Swer-Lok Sangit Mandli Bhadaur
4. Balle Balle-Ravi Nandan,Jaswinder,Rajesh, Ranjit Sehmbhi
5. Ambran Te-Jaswinder
6. Kirti Diye Kuliye-Shingara Singh Chahal
7. Dehkade Angiaran Te-Lok Sangit Mandli Bhadaur
All of these songs  can be downloaded and used strictly for non-comercial purposes from the link on youtube at

Also, Paash’s poetry recitation at the Martyrs Day Memorial Function organised by Indian Workers Association at Summerfield Community Centre in Smethwick, England on 05-04-1987  is available at the above  link. This was the function where Paash for the first time recited his last poem SAB TON KHATARNAAK HUNDA HAI.