on Paash

Hi everyone !

This website is dedicated to the poetry, politics and philosophy of revolutionary Indian poet Paash. Links to his poems and other writings, in Punjabi, Hindi, Urdu, English and other languages will be available on this website, besides audio recordings of his poems in his own voice and films made on and about his life and poetry.

We’ve started developing the website, please leave any relevant comments.

Thanks for visiting.


3 Responses to “on Paash”

  1. Harmeet singh dhillon Says:

    awesome work..thank you a lot.a website totally dedicated to a poet like paash is one of the most beautiful things that has happened in the internet domain of punjabi literature..we are very grateful to all the creators of this site..PAASH ZINDABAD

  2. Manpreet Singh Says:


  3. Pash varga koi nahi likh sakda

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